There is no ‘one option fits all’ when it comes to tax resolution. Just like everyone’s personal finances are different, so too is the tax resolution that will see you out of your tax delinquency.

Our tax resolution services help you better understand which options are available to you. When you call us, we will go through these options and then choose your best fit.


Audit Representation

If you are audited, you are allowed to have a professional represent you with the IRS. This can be a legal entity or a tax expert. The representative will prepare all documentation for you and help guide you through the audit process. They work on your behalf to get the best deal for you from the IRS.

Currently Not Collectible

If you are unable to pay your back taxes and do not have any assets worth seizing, you may be eligible for Currently Not Collectible. This does not absolve you of what you owe, but rather halts the collection process. To apply for Currently Not Collectible, you will be required to prove your financial situation and reasoning for being unable to fulfill the owed amount at this time.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Exactly how it sounds, Innocent Spouse Relief applies if you believe the back taxes you have received are solely the responsibility of your spouse. You must be able to prove that these taxes are only for your spouse and not yourself.

Installment Plans

Installment plans allow you to pay off back taxes in a gradual fashion. Given the amount that you owe, this may be a more financially feasible option as it is possible to negotiate a lower monthly rate. This is typically the most desirable option for both the IRS and the individual.

IRS Tax Discharge

A substantial back tax amount that cannot be relieved by traditional means can sometimes be settled by filing for bankruptcy. While this does not absolve individuals of all financial obligations, it can be a viable option for certain circumstances.

IRS Tax Expiration

It is possible for back taxes to be forgiven and cleared after a period of 10 years. However, this is only possible for certain cases and the period of 10 years will only start after officially being reviewed by the IRS.

Payroll Tax Debt Relief

If you own a business with employees, not paying payroll taxes is a serious offense that can result in the seizure and/or closure of your business, as well as steep fines. This type of tax delinquency is rarely forgiven or reduced, and your best option is to hire an expert to help you negotiate a settlement.

Penalty Abatement

When you accrue back taxes with the IRS, you also incur penalty charges. To get these penalties stopped or forgiven for any reason, we must apply for a tax penalty abatement. This abatement is not guaranteed and often you must provide a valid reason for its need such as a death in your family, loss of employment, or significant property damage.

State Tax Relief

If you owe the IRS money, there is a chance you owe state taxes as well. Dealing with state taxes owed can sometimes feel more intimidating than owing the IRS because often state tax collection agencies are more aggressive than federal.

Stop Wage Garnishment

If you have accrued back taxes for a substantial amount of time without paying anything, the IRS may garnish your wages. This means that a certain amount of your paycheck will automatically be given to the IRS each month. This amount can range anywhere from 5% to 50% of your earned income. This is a type of tax levy and it can be stopped if we can prove your intent to pay what you owe or if we set up payment installments.

Tax Lien Removal

A tax lien removal refers to any tax you believe you received in error. This includes a tax that should have been given to your spouse, a tax that was already paid, a tax you received when going through a financial hardship, etc.

Tax Levy Release

If you receive notice that the IRS intends to levy and seize your assets, you have 30 days upon receipt of that notice to either contest the levy, apply for a tax resolution, or pay what you owe. If paying the levy is not an option for you, you can work with a tax expert to help negotiate another deal . For example, we could set up installment plans. Another option is applying for a hardship or Offer In Compromise. It is also possible to release the levy if we can prove your intent to pay the owed amount in full.

Offer In Compromise

Offer In Compromise is the option to dispute the amount owed. Such disputes include:

  • Doubt as Liability: The claim that the amount taxed is incorrect.
  • Doubt as to Collectability: The taxpayer is facing a financial hardship and is unable to pay.
  • Effective Tax Administration: The taxpayer believes the amount to be unjust for health or age purposes (disabled, terminally ill, or elderly).

Filing for an Offer in Compromise is often lengthy and difficult to win. If you believe you qualify for one of the options listed, call our experts to help.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Although filing taxes are an annual obligation, many people find themselves lapsing a year or more for a variety of reasons. While this is common, you should file old tax returns as soon as possible so as not to add to the amount you already owe or incur any fines.

Freedom Tax Resolution is an expert tax relief service that works with one goal in mind: relieving you of your taxes owed. We work on your behalf to find the best resolution for you, your finances, and future.


Tax negotiation is one of the main reasons people with owed back taxes turn to tax relief experts. Negotiating with the IRS takes skill and knowledge. The right negotiator may be able to help you pay off what you owe in manageable installments, or even reduce the amount.

As tax relief experts, we work on behalf of our clients to get them the best deal possible. We negotiate payments that won’t break the bank. This can either be in regular installments, which are usually cheaper, or a lump sum that will solve your problem immediately. 


If you owe back taxes to the IRS you may be thinking, I don’t need tax consultation. I need tax relief! Tax consultation, however, is an important part of tax relief. It includes expert advice on how to move forward with what you owe, and the steps needed to pay off and/or negotiate the amount.

As tax relief experts, we are a liaison between you and the IRS. We help you devise a plan to manageably reduce your back taxes. In addition, we also provide tax consultation for your current situation, so as not to add to your amount.

Tax consultation services help prepare you for a more stable and lucrative financial future.


If you want to get rid of your back taxes now, tax settlement may be for you. Typically, a settlement allows for an individual to relieve themselves of what they owe at a lower cost. However, the amount must be paid within a certain timeframe. This can be done either by installments or in one lump sum.

Getting a tax settlement often depends on your circumstances, which is where the tax relief experts at Freedom Tax Relief can help. By assessing what you owe and your circumstances, we will determine if tax settlement is right for you and, if so, how to best obtain it. Depending on your situation, we may be able to lower the amount that you owe or get penalties eliminated.


In addition to helping individuals relieve themselves of their owed back taxes, we also help with the filing of back and current taxes. For many, this is a confusing, but necessary part of life. Our experts are skilled at filing taxes for individuals, small and large businesses, nonprofits, and more.

Tax Day in the US is April 15th. Even if this date is just around the corner, we can file for an extension on your behalf and then proceed with the filing of your taxes before the final due date in October. If you have lapsed in filing your taxes for a year or more, we will help you file these back taxes and ensure you receive any refunds that are due.

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